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DigiDesign Systems Integrator

It’s a drug and a disease and a religion. And we are the intoxicated, the infected and the anointed. With a few thousand ProTools integrations under our belts since the dawn of Digidesign (more than twenty years ago), we are ready to build a custom Protools for you. Anything from mBox2 Micro to ProTools HD, Icon and Venue, we have the answers and can assemble a system that’s right for your needs.

How many inputs do you need? Surround or just stereo? Music or video post or web production? Are you making CD’s, DVD’s or MP3′s? Do you need plug-ins with that? How about MIDI and/or notation? Storage, networking? We’ve been there and done that, and can show you how it’s easy to make sound and music on a system that is correctly specified, integrated and optimized just for your needs. Tell us what you dream: (619) 583-7851