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ProSound has been servicing synths and other pro audio gear since 1978, and analog synthesizers, keyboards and gear are naturally no stranger to us! Here you can read up on news and viewpoints about analog music equipment!

    Arturia MiniBrute – Big Analog Sound, Portable Love

    February 10, 2012Arturia Minitribe - Solid Analogue Sound

    Mixing tightly into the current analog revival trend of late comes Arturia’s pure analog signal path synth, the MiniBrute. In some odd twist of fate, the love for analog synthesizer warmth is being again obliged across the board; Arturia’s MiniBrute is no exception! Quite possibly best analog desktop synth sound module of 2012, check out [...]

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    In support of what we’ve been seeing as a beloved resurgence in analog appreciation, the in-production documentary film “I DREAM OF WIRES: THE MODULAR SYNTHESIZER DOCUMENTARY” aims to explore the modern interest in modular synthesizers. There’s just something about their hands-on nature, not only in interface but in that you can design build your own [...]

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    Moog’s Voyager XL Awarded As SOS Magazine’s Best Keyboard/Synth of 2012 = Big, Celebratory Savings for YOU!

    January 25, 2012Moog Minimoog Voyager XL - Best Keyboard/Synth of 2011

    $500 off the Moog Minimoog Voyager XL through February 29th, 2012! Special savings as it won Sound On Sound magazine’s Best Synth/Keyboard of 2011!

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    “Music is Math, Sound is Physics” – eScience 3000: Waves, Sound & Light

    September 18, 2011e3000-school-kids-physics-music2

    Check out ProSound, Inc.’s Michael Krewitsky in an informative video crafted in June 2011 for Achieve3000 (, the leader in differentiated solutions for grades k-12. The goal of this video is to reach out to middle school kids and get them interested in a science education as a stepping stone to a fun and creative career.

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    The Summer of the Synthesizer

    September 7, 2011The great and all-powerful Kurzweil PC3K8....

    For the first time in years, new things are really happening in the synthesizer and keyboard business. I’ve been saying for years that you know how much better your computer today is than your computer was a few years ago, now this is finally true for synths and workstations as well. If you haven’y checked [...]

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