The Summer of the Synthesizer


September 7, 2011

Moog Voyager XL - San Diego

Moog Voyager XL

For the first time in years, new things are really happening in the synthesizer and keyboard business. I’ve been saying for years that you know how much better your computer today is than your computer was a few years ago, now this is finally true for synths and workstations as well. If you haven’y checked out what has been happening in the synthesizer and keyboard workstation business this summer, you are likely to find out that suddenly, performance and value have gotten way better.

Check out the Moog Voyager XL. While paying tribute to the great analog synths of the past, this baby exceeds all of its predecessors with better audio quality, better build quality and more musicality overall than has ever been seen in a monophonic,  patchable synthesizer.

Moog Minimoog Voyager XL | Prosound, Inc.

Look at the new Korg Kronos family of workstations. Keyboard Magazine’s September cover asks “Could this be the most powerful synth ever?”…it just might be…. with all the sonic punch of the excellent Oasys that preceded it and vastly improved disk access and computer interface features, this nearly limitless instrument is an inspiring blast to play….9 simultaneously available sound engines, KARMA (Kay Algorithmic Real-time Music Architecture) technology, easy sampling, simple integration with your computer workstation, and, oh yeah, amazingly pristine audio clarity and punch…This thing kicks up everything a couple of notches. If you want one machine that does it all, here you are….

Korg Kronos 88 | Prosound, Inc.

Korg Kronos 88!


Roland couldn’t stay out of the fray either,  The JP-80 Jupiter 80 has just landed on Earth and represents the best of a nearly forty year legacy of great specialty synthesizers from Mr. K and the folks at Roland….The Jupiter 80 has a unique and powerful architecture that supports its given moniker of “Live Synth”. It is truly designed for performing live with the instrument in that it follows in the tradition of the great pipe organs, with its organization into ‘Registrations’ which are made up of 4 simultaneously available parts (Upper Live Set, Lower Live Set, Solo and Percussion). Live Sets lets you group up to four of their excellent SuperNatural Tones. The Tone Blender lets you easily adjust multiple parameters at once in real time.
The Part Balance sliders let you quickly adjust levels of your four parts.
A large intuitive touch screen for quick and easy navigation.
Cool new Color Coded buttons are laid out for quick access to your SuperNatural sounds across four keyboard zones.
Multiple multi-effects, dynamics, EQ and delay are readily available.
It features a built in USB midi/audio interface for an easy connection to computers
Built in USB flash player/recorder lets you play back tracks or capture ideas easily.
And much much more!!

If synthesis on the fly is what you need, then this is your top tool.

Roland Jupiter-80 | Prosound, Inc.

The amazing Roland Jupiter 80...

Oh yeah, don’t forget Kurzweil… This summer they have made a new flagship available in the PC3K8.

The PC3K8 is the successor of the groundbreaking PC3 line. The new PC3K now lets you load samples from the legendary K Series. It is capable of loading .krz/25/26 sample files, aiff and wav files, in addition to the K Series programs and setups.

You can now load up to 128MB of samples that will remain even it the unit is powered off. Sample files can be loaded via USB directly from a computer or via a thumb drive.

32 layers per program with each layer supporting its own DSP, meanimg that emulations of real instruments can be extremely detailed and accurate, while the synthesized sounds can be extraordinarily large and complex.

Kurzweil KDFX digital effects lets you have 16 insert effects, 2 aux sends and a global master effect.

KB3 tonewheel emulation gives you 9 sliders for realtime drawbar control when playing the wide selection of organs.

The PC3K8 represents the culmination of the Kurzweil legacy of having the most ‘natural’ acoustic -sounding renditions of traditional instruments coupled with their all-powerful VAST synthesis and marvelous KDFX effects engines. The ultimate yield here is a true musical instrument, unsurpassed in its capabilities for orchestration, detail and nuanced production.

Kurzweil PC3K8 | Prosound, Inc.

the great and all-powerful Kurzweil PC3K8.....

OK, so these are all incredible, amazing machines…which is right for you? Come in and play them….they are all here…one of these will ‘speak’ to you for certain, (maybe all of them!)…and that’s the one for you…. or email me or call me with your special needs… I would love to help





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