Meat & Electricity: Why We Love Music


May 25, 2012

Meat & Electricity:  Why We Love Music

Here it is.
Get used to it.
Get over it.

You are a lump of meat, wrapped up in a bag of skin…

Shot through with waves of energy… (your nerve impulses…)

These waves of energy are observable and measurable as (analog–infinite resolution) electrical waveforms.

Sound traveling through air is waves of energy, observable and measurable as (analog–infinite resolution) electrical waveforms.

This is probably why human animals have such an intense and meaningful connection to sound, and by extension, to music, which is simply a more highly intellectually organized form of sound. 

For all my life, I thought I was some kind of very odd being, because of my fascination with sound, and communication, and my overwhelming obsession with music….all I ever really want to do is play music and communicate through it, and feel it work its peculiar magics on me.

Music can make you well…music can make you sick….

Finally, I have realized that most people have this connection to the musics that they enjoy. It all likely stems from the fact that the electrical impulses that our brains use to drive our bodies, and make sound to communicate, are the same electrical impulses that we absorb as sound when we listen to the world. 

The human connection to music and sound is actually not that surprising after all….

Therefore, get a real pro audio interface like an AVID mBox (3rd generation) (Mini, Regular or Pro) – or – an Apogee Duet2 – or – one of the PreSonus Interfaces (22VSL, 44VSL, or 1818VSL), and start recording at a higher quality level, And don’t forget good mics, appropriate to the task ….and good speakers….It does matter…it is your music…. and it is not that expensive…. ask us, we can help….

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