ProSound Carries Eigenharp Pico, Potentially Alters Future Of Electronic Music


December 7, 2010

San Diego’s ProSound celebrates the arrival of the Eigenharp Pico – an electronic instrument that will enhance the way that you interface both with composition and live jamming! The Eigenharp, a bassoon-sitar-esque instrument that frees the musician from being tethered to their laptop screen while performing, is a totally unique approach to electronic music creation touted by it’s developers as “the most expressive electronic musical instrument ever made”.

After eight years in development, three Eigenharp series have been released: Pico, Tau and Alpha.

From Eigenharp’s Wiki:.

1 breath pipe, 120 key matrix, 12 percussion keys, 2 ribbon controller strips on the sides, a microphone input and a headphone output

1 breath pipe, 72 key matrix, 12 percussion keys, 1 ribbon controller strip on the back and a headphone output

1 breath pipe, 18 key matrix and 1 ribbon controller strip on the front

Their entry-level Pico shares the following features in common with its more robust counterparts: a breath controller (think bassoon), a key matrix as well as a ribbon controller. Check out this Eigenharp video to see them in action:

Do you wish to buy the Eigenharp? For sale in our store soon we will have the Eigenharp Pico. ProSound is proudly one of only five distributors of this fine instrument in the United States, making your Eigenharp shipping cost possibly lower as the manufacturer is located overseas! ProSound also offers a double warranty included with your purchase, click here for more information.

The Eigenharp is the ideal on-stage instrument for performing electronic musicians; it provides a way to route the performer’s passion not so easily transmuted to an audience simply by the fervent twisting of some knobs. As Eigenharp’s inventor John Lamberts comments, “We’ve got pretty fed up with watching people twiddle knobs on stage”, it’s clear that this first instrument of it’s kind was devised to bring back the performance aspect to live electronic music shows. While the Eigenharp was first released with only Mac support, we are told that our next shipment will be Windows-compatible!

What’s in the box?

  • Eigenharp Pico in robust carry case/box.
  • Product Activation card for website support and tutorial materials.
  • Breath pipe.
  • Two mouthpieces.
  • Neck strap.
  • 3M Pico to computer USB2 connecting cable.
  • Eigenlabs 8GB USB stick with latest install software and getting started tutorials.
  • Printed ‘Quick Start’ guide.
  • Printed ‘Quick Reference’ guide. is a trusted source for musicians and sound engineers everywhere. Call now to get the best Eigenharp price from ProSound’s online store, give us a call today: (619) 583-7851

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