ProSound Featured Artists

So, you make or work with some incredible music, huh? We'd be delighted to have a listen, then. If you pass our five-point check system, we'll proudly reference your sounds on the site. Have what it takes to gain some supreme exposure? Let us know why:


ProSound sells audio solutions to people, both live audio reinforcement and recording-related. Our customers keep coming back to us with their albums and we've noticed that a lot of what we hear is quite good. This area is a salute to some of these people, who have allowed us to show the fruits of their hard work on this site. With luck, this may grow into a showplace for the growing community of great friends and customers we have had the pleasure to serve. Let us know if you would like to participate. If you are a customer or associate of ProSound and have some good music to share, we might be able to put it up on the web, offer it for sale, and help the world know about it.