Pro Audio Repair & Service

We are Manufacturers’ Warranty Centers for over 200 brands of Musical and Audio Electronics. The service department of ProSound Inc. has been servicing audio gear since 1978. We started out repairing guitar amps and keyboards and have evolved into Southern California’s leading retailer and service center for all aspects of live sound, MIDI, and home and professional recording studio needs. We are able to repair almost everything from the newest generation of digital recorders to older-than-dirt guitar amps. Vintage keyboards are a specialty. We have a large stock of replacement parts and an extensive technical library.










The service department of Professional Sound & Electronic Music has been servicing audio gear since 1978. Anything from vintage keyboard repair or old school solid state amplifier restoration to digital pro-audio studio equipment: if you can break it, can most likely fix it!   /images/learnmore.jpg” style=”width: 97px; height: 21px;” alt=”Electronic Music Equipment Service Outline & Pricing”>

We have a vast technical library and can offer you xeroxed or digital copies of schematics (and some service manuals). has what you need for vintage, modern and hard to find audio & pro-audio equipment repair guidance – for all you electrical junkies who just want to dive into the circuit board yourself!  /images/learnmore.jpg” style=”width: 97px; height: 21px;” alt=”Electronic Music Equipment Repair & Service Schematics”>

We have a vast selection for tweeter and tube replacement & repair. Putting the power back in your amp has been a long-time speciality of ours, so contact us today to find what you need!   /images/learnmore.jpg” style=”width: 97px; height: 21px;” alt=”Tweeter and Tube Replacements”>

Vintage Keyboards & Synthesizer Repair

Some of the most sought after treasures of the music industry are vintage keyboards and synthesizers. But lets face it, sometimes they are in need of serious tender loving care. Putting the life back into your “ole reliable” is part of what we do best! We are a San Diego synth repair station for over one hundred manufacturers, so please, don’t pull the plug! See what we can do for your baby now!  /images/learnmore.jpg” style=”width: 97px; height: 21px;” alt=”Vintage Synthesizer & Keyboard Repair”>

Also note that we hold the following repair authorizations: