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Waves & Avid Digidesign Upgrade Plugins Specialists

We are specialists in walking you down the complex, frustrating and difficult path often caused by upgrading your Mac, ProTools and Waves and other third-party plug-ins. We have performed hundreds of these types of interconnected system upgrades and we can help you.

Please send an email to me at with details of your system configuration and your desired target setup, and we can build a custom quotation for you and outline the most sensible path for delivering and upgrading your system to the latest desired configuration. Every situation and every system has its particular challenges and compatibility needs, and needs to be thought through and planned carefully before jumping in and creating more problems from lacking the proper preparation. We will help you find that narrow, correct path to get you where you need to go.

We can provide options for you for Waves upgrades from WUP (Waves Update Plan) extensions through custom Client-Specific upgrade bundle paths as needed. Please include your Waves login name and the email you provided to Waves to attain these (you do not need to send your Waves password).. We can likely save you time and frustration and a bit of money on WUP and custom Waves upgrades… Talk to us….