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Welcome! This is the music home of friends and customers of who make what we think of as good music. Good music is music we like, bad music is music we don't like. (Well, that's pretty cheeky, you say, how dare they define music in those terms, just to dismiss it if you don't like it. Sorry, that's the way it is, go elsewhere if this disagrees with you). More realistically, this is the home of music, sound and recordings done by people who truly mean it from the heart when they are doing their work. Try some, there are interesting things to be sampled here.

Are you a customer or associate of ProSound who'd like to share your music here? Send us your info & music here!

    Joel Rafael

    Joel Rafael Band

    With roots as a performing songwriter in Southern California small clubs and showcases since the late seventies, Rafael’s collaborations and independent work has been well-received nationwide, as an opener for touring acts from Rick Danko to Emmy Lou Harris, including John Lee Hooker, John Stewart, Laura Nyro, and Taj Majal. In 1981, Rafael toured the [...]

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    Sven-Erik Seaholm: A Genuine Pop Artiste

    Sven-Erik Seaholm

    Sven-Erik Seaholm is a local San Diego Singer, Songwriter and Record Producer. His name is well known to the admirers of Southern California music and enthusiasts of the San Diego music scene’s A-list. Seaholm’s creative energy drives the band The Wild Truth. Their album, This Golden Era, was selected by the San Diego Weekly Reader [...]

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    Pepper Williams: Genre-crossing Composer/Arranger; Recognized “Smooth Jazz” Musician

    Pepper Williams

    Pepper Williams is both a genre-crossing composer/arranger and a recognized “Smooth Jazz” musician, playing soprano sax and keyboards. Pepper set out on his path as a musician, after picking up the tenor saxophone and piano. He soon discovered that his calling for the next ten years was to arrange music and compose original material. After [...]

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    AntiQuark: San Diego’s Female-Founded Experimental Electro Duo


    The live electronic duo, AntiQuark, was founded in 2001 by keyboardist Ant Dakini and later joined by vocalist Sergio O. Mixing experimental musings, avant-garde twists and classic rock elements atop an electro-technowave foundation, AntiQuark has made audiences dance across Europe, throughout the USA and Mexico. Performing along with video by Davide Menegatti and movement by [...]

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    Gregory Page: The songbird and the worm

    Gregory Page

    Gregory Page is a songwriter, crooner and minstrel of modern times, telling fantastic tales of love and hopeful melancholy through the interlacing of tradition, progress, history and fantasy. He was born in North London to Armenian and Irish musicians, who met while touring the Middle East. Influenced by his swinging jazz singing mother, Page’s youth [...]

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ProSound sells audio solutions to people, both live audio reinforcement and recording-related. Our customers keep coming back to us with their albums and we've noticed that a lot of what we hear is quite good. This area is a salute to some of these people, who have allowed us to show the fruits of their hard work on this site. With luck, this may grow into a showplace for the growing community of great friends and customers we have had the pleasure to serve. Let us know if you would like to participate. If you are a customer or associate of ProSound and have some good music to share, we might be able to put it up on the web, offer it for sale, and help the world know about it.