Josh Damigo Turns a Heavy Heart into Award-Winning Acoustic Music

    July 6, 2012Josh Damigo - Hope

    Call it a case of early musical repression that led Josh Damigo into becoming a heartfelt acoustic singer/songwriter with numerous awards under his belt. While starting piano lessons in the second grade, Josh’s fundamental Baptist parents allowed him to listen only to “safe music” on an oldies station. Marching bands were OK, too, although music [...]

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    Andy Robinson Loves his Mountain Dulcimer, and So Do We

    June 29, 2012Andy Robinson Music Bucket

    Since breaking from his progressive rock band days in San Diego and a wide variety of musical projects in Los Angeles, ranging from synthesizer pop to folk rock, Andy Robinson has excelled as a solo recording artist, reveling in the creative freedom to master numerous instruments for compiling songs stamped with reflective moodiness and unshakable [...]

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    Apogee’s No-Fuss Preamp MiC Lauded for Versatility & Sound Quality

    June 26, 2012San Diego's ProSound carries Apogee's MiC

    Apogee MiC ProSound Price: $199 The Wall Street Journal cites the new USB Apogee MiC as “foolproof” when it comes to laying down high-fidelity licks and audio tracks by plugging it into iPhones, iPads and Macs. Chuck Dawson (a.k.a. Geek Dad) of Wired effuses that the palm-size microphone is “dead simple” to operate, adding that [...]

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    San Diego’s Glen Aubrey & Dan de la Isla, ProSound Customers, Win An Emmy®!

    June 25, 2012San Diego Pro Tools & CD Recording & Duplication Customers Win Emmy!

    Glen Aubrey and Creative Team Resources Group have won an Emmy from The Pacific Southwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for Musical Composition and Arrangement for Postal Annex+ “The Sound of Business” TV Commercial! “I am very honored to receive this Emmy® and to have worked with Steve Goble of [...]

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    Neal Fox: A Multi-Media Wizard

    June 22, 2012Neal Fox

    Ask Neal Fox about nearly any social issue, the power of audio branding and the frustrations that musicians experience when signing onto major record labels, and he can likely answer with a provocative CD, multimedia show or television jingle he composed. Neal’s illustrious career has spanned from producing music for hundreds of commercials (Coke, Disney, [...]

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